p. 23





The            present               moment

is                an              explosion            ,

a                 scission

of                past            and            future



those          valorous              disreputables

the ruins             ,



is                an               unknown             dawn         

stewn         with           prophecy             .


Only           the             momentary

google                 of                death

fixes           the             fugitive

momentum                  .






43. TIME-BOMB, ca. 1945. First published in Between Worlds 1:2 (Spring/Summer 1961, p.200). This text follows the BW version, which is identical to a signed typescript labeled ‚ÄúSelection to: ‚ÄėBetween Worlds‚Äô Oct. 1960‚ÄĚ (YCAL). Editor‚Äôs Note: It is possible that Gilbert Neiman influenced the extra spaces between words and punctuation in this poem, for upon receiving the first batch of submissions from ML he wrote: ‚ÄúFor my part‚Ķyou are not allowing your self the ample spaces you once did‚ÄĚ (GN). But these were not the allowances he was referring to.

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